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Do the Phillies have enough pitching?

So I have been listening to a local talk radio station, and the big question in Philly is how are they going to work the rotation. It is actually pretty funny to think that we are really talking about he 5th starter in this conversation. So here is the deal. You have a guy in Jamie Moyer who is a fan favorite but really has not pitched consistant enough to warrant staying in the rotation, then you have Pedro Martinez who is still trying to get himself ready if they choose to throw him into the rotation.

Then there was talk that they were actually considering moving J.A. Happ into the bullpen when he may be you most consistant starter out of the whole rotation outside of Joe Blanton. Cliff Lee just got here, so he is not a issue when it comes to this particular conversation. The one guy wo has been almost given a pass so far due to his performance last season is Cole Hamels. He really need to step it up going into the last stretch of the regular season.

So with all that I just mentioned, here is how I see the rotation working out for the best for the rest of the reguar season. I will then show you my playoff rotation and what I am doing with the other pitchers for that part of the season.

1. Cliff Lee
2. Cole Hamels
3. Joe Blanton
4. J.A. Happ
5. Pedro Martinez/Jamie Moyer. I feel like they need to remove Moyer and give Pedro a shot for a couple of weeks to see what happens

Playoff Rotation

1. Cliff Lee
2. Joe Blanton
3. Cole Hamels
4. J.A. Happ

Martinez to the bullpen and Moyer off of the playoff roster.

So this is how I see the rotation working out, and I would love to hear if anyone has a different one in mind.

Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:49 pm

Preseason Top 10 NFL Power Rankings for 2009

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Champs have not lost much and still have a solid core, and a great defense to defend.

2. New England Patriots - Tom Brady Healthy, but the defense may be overlooked and not as good as in the past.

3. Philadelphia Eagles - Great offseason moves and a healthy Westbrook means another deep run into the playoffs.

4. New York Giants - A outstanding defense and a great running game may need to carry this team into the playoffs.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Explosive offense with a improved young defense means a push into the playoffs.

6. Baltimore Ravens - Another team who can run the ball strong and rely on their defense, hope they can throw the ball.

7. Atlanta Falcons - A great young offense developing with a huge addition in Gonzalez, there defense is the question mark.

8. Indianapolis Colts - Peyton runs the offense now with a new coaching staff, is the defense good enough?

9. Tennesee Titans - Great Rushing attack and a great Defense, only question is can Collins do it again?

10. San Diego Chargers - Great QB and a healthy defense, can LT still carry a team?

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Here are some of my most recent posts

I am making available some of my more popular post that I recently added, feel free to comment if you like about any of the topics.

NFL pre season top 10 picks

Worst fans when visiting a stadium?

Would you mortgage the future to win now?

If you were the GM?

Saved the best for last.

Most overhyped team in the NFL?

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My Top Threads in the NFL section

The best WR in the NFL is ???

Most overhyped team going into 2009

Top 5 teams in the NFC for 2009

The Cowboys are not Americas team anymore!

Is McNabb a future Hall of Fame QB?

Check these threads out and let me know what you think.
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Best WR in the NFL is ???

Hello everyone and thanks for checking out my first blog on here. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as everyone has enjoyed my threads in the NFL section. I will be talking about other things besides football on here, but as of right now that is my bread and butter and as the old saying goes, you stick with what works.

So let me start this blog off by saying I had a chance to see some of the responses from my thread I posted called Best WR in the NFL is ???  Here is the link if you have not had a chance to check it out and so you can see what others are thinking.

So let me say that my pick for the best WR in the NFL is Andre Johnson. I saw alot of people agreed with me on this thread, but I also saw names like Calvin Johnson, and Randy Moss pop up. I even saw Roddy White, and Steve Smith to name a couple more. This thread was very tight between Andre Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald. I have to be honest and say that it did not surprise me that it was so close and hard to choose the top receiver in the game. You can give great reason for both players as to why they deserve to be considered the best.

I feel like both receivers are elite and can take over a game. Calvin Johnson is also now in the mix, but there is gonna be some interesting things going on in Detroit, and I am not sure how things will work for Calvin. So let me ask, when you go to a game and your watching your team play one of these guys, do you feel like something big is gonna happen against your beloved team by that player, and it is going to be a play you will be talking about the rest of the night and will be watching over and over again on sportscenter highlights?

That is what I mean by the bet WR in the game, they change the game and make it exciting to watch. That is what makes it fun and sometimes scary for your team. Hopefully one of these players is on your team, and you have the ability to see those amazing plays all the time.

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