Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:49 pm

Preseason Top 10 NFL Power Rankings for 2009

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Champs have not lost much and still have a solid core, and a great defense to defend.

2. New England Patriots - Tom Brady Healthy, but the defense may be overlooked and not as good as in the past.

3. Philadelphia Eagles - Great offseason moves and a healthy Westbrook means another deep run into the playoffs.

4. New York Giants - A outstanding defense and a great running game may need to carry this team into the playoffs.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Explosive offense with a improved young defense means a push into the playoffs.

6. Baltimore Ravens - Another team who can run the ball strong and rely on their defense, hope they can throw the ball.

7. Atlanta Falcons - A great young offense developing with a huge addition in Gonzalez, there defense is the question mark.

8. Indianapolis Colts - Peyton runs the offense now with a new coaching staff, is the defense good enough?

9. Tennesee Titans - Great Rushing attack and a great Defense, only question is can Collins do it again?

10. San Diego Chargers - Great QB and a healthy defense, can LT still carry a team?

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